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It's not just what you eat, what you put on the outside matters too!  Try putting a clove of garlic under your toes.  Keep it there for 15 minutes and you'll be able to taste it!
    Your skin is a sponge, absorb something good!
What's Hot
Orange Spice
Natural, Vegan Lemongrass Lotion Bar
It's back!  Natural, vegan & cruelty free... the fall scent that's worth waiting for!
Natural, vegan apple butter lip balmApple Butter Lip Balm - All natural and vegan!
Apple season is almost here!  Get your fix early with our newest flavor.
What's Not
Carmine – Did you know many food, beverage and cosmetic companies use an insect to add color to their products? 
The cochineal insect, when crushed, creates a red colored dye. Even some companies that proudly state they are against animal testing, still use this little bug as an ingredient!  Then the product can still be marketed as “all natural".
Check your labels!  All natural
doesn’t always mean cruelty-free.
You're safe here. We would never use an innocent life as an ingredient! 
Natural, vegan gift set
Gift Sets
 All natural and vegan, perfect for everyone. Click the link to view our selection.
 Natural vegan gift sets - soaps, lip balms and lotion bars
Why not treat yourself?
Think of our product line as confectioneries for your skin.
We offer a selection of products that simplify what your skin needs and what it doesn’tAll of our products are handcrafted with only the highest quality all natural and vegan ingredients. We use organic and wild harvested whenever possible.  Synthetic ingredients are strictly prohibited – no parabens, no phthalates, no artificial colors. Just simple, wholesome, good for you ingredients supplied by nature.
Stop worrying about what's good or bad for your skin, we did the thinking for you!  We have an open and honest philosophy and are
happy to share ingredients with you. View our complete list and their uses on our “about us” page.
We hope you can find everything you need. T.G.i.V. is focused on customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Look around our website and if you have any comments
or questions, please feel free to contact us.
No animal products or animal by-products are used and we are against animal testing.